About the Arythmics

We are an 80’s New Wave band. Not to be confused with an 80’s band that might be playing Hair Metal or 80’s Pop, we are committed to New Wave. These are the songs that you danced to at university pubs. You simply will not want to leave the dance floor, when you get your groove on. These songs rekindle fond memories and make you feel like you’re in your 20’s all over again. For those younger dancers who are already in their twenties – well you’ll just love how dance club music from the 80’s has actual melody.

Meet the Band

Don Wininger


Don hated taking piano lessons when he was 8 years old, but in retrospect would now like to thank his Grandmother for making him practice. An original member of the classic rock band, Dr. Colossus, Don has played in numerous bands including Nearly Neil (Neil Young Tribute), Eleven (Spinal Tap Tribute), and Velour du Jour (Jazz Rock Fusion).

Matthew Sibiga


Matthew used to bask in the glow of the lead guitarist spotlight until he joined an 80’s New Wave band. He’s now feeling like sliced meat in the middle of a synthesizer sandwich. When not commuting along the QEW Matthew enjoys … actually all his time is spent commuting. That needs to be fixed. Previous and current bands include Dr. Colossus, Eleven (David St. Hubbins), Velour du Jour, and Matadon.

Bruce Chambers


If you’ve ever seen a live band playing in Niagara and the Golden Horseshoe, it’s likely Bruce was the bass player. Fortunately Bruce has an extra set of hands so the groove never stops. Currently he plays bass in 47 bands and has played with Matthew and Don for the past 17 years in the numerous bands listed above. Bruce is always the best dressed member of the band.

“Mystery” Mike Dixon


Mike is a musical icon who has been part of Southern Ontario’s entertainment scene for a lifetime. He’s on the cover of Rush’s Moving Pictures Album (one of the moving guys) – how much more proof do you need? Mike owns 93 different drum kits that are set up and ready to play at venues throughout the region. He just magically appears and the show begins.

Rob Wilkinson


Rob is the seeker of sounds, the sender of synth solos, and the instigator of the Arythmics New Wave Party Band. He also plays accordian which is almost irrelevant for a New Wave Band. Rob has the ability to turn any rock song into a polka but has yet to apply this unique skill to New Wave Music. Pehaps even more difficult – turning popular polkas into new wave songs.